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sb2 secures $83k in benefits for Missouri client

sb2 recently encountered a challenging Medicaid case for a client in Missouri.  The resident had been in the client’s facility for multiple years needing Medicaid benefits, but unfortunately had been unable to prove her eligibility.  After sb2 promptly secured Medicaid benefits for the resident, the resident, who had no assets, still owed over $60k to the facility.  sb2 submitted the facility’s invoice to Medicaid and requested that a deduction from the resident’s income for the non-covered medical expenses incurred at the facility prior to her eligibility for Medicaid benefits be applied.   sb2 secured an approval of its request without limitation, and each month, the resident’s entire income will be applied towards the facility’s bill until it is satisfied in full.



  • 06.09.2017

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  • 09.13.2017Peoria, IL

    sb2 inc. presents at the Illinois Health Care Association 2017 Annual Convention.